All about Fabulous Floating Fountains

At Water Play Shop we stock a range of lake, pond and floating fountains and this article will help you understand our range of products and how they can be used to give you the maximum benefit. 

Put simply a floating fountain is a type of fountain designed to float in a lake, pond or other body of water. 

Floating fountains create exciting visual displays and give lakes and ponds a central point of focus. There are lots of different displays available from the Lance Jet which provides a striking single column of water through to the Dancing Jet which provides a twirling column of water. The choice of the display is a very personal choice, however, it is worth considering that some patterns displace more water per hour than others which may be an important factor if the floating fountain is being used for an aeration benefit. 

There are also benefits to lake health and water quality (including reduction of algae) because the floating fountain provides an aeration, water agitation and mixing benefit. As the water is thrown in the air by the fountain, valuable oxygen (which is vital to fish and other aquatic life) is added to the water and other gases such as carbon dioxide are vented to the atmosphere. As the water falls back to the lake, it creates surface agitation which helps eliminate stagnant water areas and reduces the areas where algae growth can occur. Surface agitation is also beneficial as it helps to de-stratify the water column and mix water within the lake or pond. Finally, by agitating the surface of the water, the potential for algae growth is limited by reducing the amount of sunlight penetrating the water column.

The floating fountain consists of three main parts: the float, the pump and the display nozzle. The float is a large round plastic buoyant disc which floats in the water. The pump draws water from the pond or lake and forces it through the display nozzle to create the water jet display. The pump is screwed to the float and the nozzle is screwed either directly to the pump or screwed to an adaptor mounted on the pump. The pump is supplied by either 230v single phase or 400v three phase electrical power and the pump is typically supplied with a 10m power cord. Additional cable can be joined to extend this power cord to the power supply and this can be joined with a special underwater cable joint. 

The floating fountain has to be moored in the desired position in the pond or lake to stop it drifting and spinning round. There are two methods normally used to moor a fountain: mooring stakes in the bank or mooring weights in the lake. To use mooring stakes, the fountain is moved to the desired position, ropes are then secured to the float and taken back to a suitable position on the lake bank, the stakes are then driven to the ground and the ropes secured to the stakes. For mooring weights, the fountain is moved to position and ropes are secured to the float. A suitable weight such as a hollow concrete block is tied to the other end of the ropes and this is lowered into the water in a position that stops the fountain drifting and twisting. The required method will depend on the size and depth of the lake. 

Some floating fountains such as theSafe Rain Series require a single phase electrical supply and this can be easily achieved by wiring a standard 13A three pin plug to the pump power cord and plugging into a suitable socket outlet. It is recommended that the pump should be connected using an RCD plug to protect the fountain and user from electric shock in the event of a fault. 

Alternatively, we offer a range of control panels which provide a fully automatic control option for the floating fountain. The control panel is mounted in a suitable indoor space such as in a shed or garage, it is connected to a 230v supply and the floating fountain is connected to the control panel. The control panel has protection devices, toggle switches, time-clocks and indicator lamps to provide the complete operation and protection of the lake fountain and users .

It is also possible to add lights to the floating fountain. This is a great way to add an extra dimension to the fountain after darkness falls. The Safe Rain Series and Safe-Rain Professional Series of floating fountains can accommodate 2,4,6 or 8 Lake LED lights in either white light or RGB coloured lights. RGB means Red, Green and Blue LED’S and these three colours are combined in different intensities to create over 16 million hues of light.  Using RGB lights  it is possible to create many different colour combinations and with the addition of a suitable controller, dynamic colour changing patterns can be created. 

To fit lights to the Safe-Rain Series and Safe-Rain Professional Series Floating fountain, a spotlight support bracket is required for each light. These brackets fit to the fountain float at one end and the light fits on the other end of the bracket.

To power the lights we are able to offer a selection of 24v DC power supplies or control panels which take care of the complete operation of the floating fountain and lights. With white lights, these just need switching on and off, however, with RGB lights consideration will need to be given to controlling the colour of the lights. Our special floating fountain and RGB lighting control panel has a built-in light controller including a remote control which allows the static colour to be changed and also allows the selection of inspiring dynamic lighting programmes. 

The lighting will also require cables to supply each light fixture. The amount, layout and size of cable will depend on the amount of lights, the power of the lights and distance that the lights are from the control panel. We have cables in 3 core and 4 core versions from 1.5mm up to 6mm cross section which covers most common installation situations. 

A final option for floating fountains is the addition of an aeration module. These units are also secured to the fountain float and further oxygenate the water below the surface without using additional water jet displays. It is possible to add two aeration modules per floating fountain and they are available in powers from 130W to 500W. When adding aeration modules, the maximum number of lights that can be installed is 6. 

We hope that you have found this article interesting and enjoy browsing our range of floating fountains, lights and accessories. If you have any more questions or would like to know more about any of our complete range of products then please feel free to get in touch.

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