Water Play Shop is a UK based online retailer specialising in supplying quality recreational water and leisure products.

Who are Water Play Shop
Brought to you by Splash Pads Limited, Water Play Shop is the online outlet for all your water play and recreational water needs. Building on our years of experience designing and building water features and splash pads, we are now bringing our range of quality products to the online market place.

So what exactly is Water Play?
Put simply, water play is all about having fun, interacting and playing with water! A great way of experiencing water play is on a purpose built water feature such as a splash pad, however, you can have just as much fun in the summer splashing around in a paddling pool in your back garden!

Of course, water play could also be something like enjoying a relaxing swim in your pool or unwinding in a hot tub at the end of a hard days work.

Water Play is also about appreciating and enjoying the aesthetic properties of water such as viewing a water fountain while listening to the gentle splashing sound of cascading water as it falls to the rippling pool below.

OK, sounds good, so you what exactly do you sell?
We sell a wide range of products to cover all your recreational water and home leisure needs. From swimming pool chemicals to splash pad kits and from lake fountains to irrigation equipment we offer a number of high quality and sensibly priced products.

Wow! That’s quite a range tell me more!
Our main product areas are Fountains, Lake Fountains, Water Play, Chemicals, Irrigation, Drinking Fountains and Maintenance Equipment. Within each of these categories we have many products that we have carefully selected from leading manufacturers.

Why should I buy from Water Play Shop?
• Orders received before 2pm processed same day
• Free Technical Support from our UK office
• Experienced Water Play Specialists
• Wide Range of products
• Secure online payments

We hope that you enjoy browsing our range of products